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Posted: Friday, 12th December 2014


Die feesvieringe het waarskynlik reeds vir baie hengelaars en hul gesinne begin. ’n Paar gelukkige siele sit dalk al klaar langs die viswater terwyl die res geesdriftig hul hengeluitstappies vir die feestyd beplan.

Ons Kerswens is dat julle almal die buitelewe en die tyd langs die hengelwater sal geniet vir wat dit is. ’n Groot deel van hengel gaan deesdae ongelukkig net oor groter, meer, vinniger, geld en ander sekondêre doelwitte.

Dis die jag en uitoorlê van die vis wat jou as hengelaar en mens kenmerk, nie die vangs nie. Dis die vind en nie die vang nie wat jou ’n beter hengelaar maak. Ons Kerswens is dus dat jy daardie inspirasie in jou eie hengel sal vind vir die najaag van kennis en verbetering van die hengelkuns waarvoor ons almal so lief is.

Aan al ons vriende, familie, aanhangers, metgeselle en ook die hengelaars daar buite met wie ons nog nie kennis gemaak het nie – ons almal by Stywe Lyne / Tight Lines wens julle en jul gesinne ’n geseënde en vreugdevolle Kersfees en ’n voorspoedige, gesonde en liefdevolle Nuwejaar toe. Mag elke hengeluitstappie prettig en suksesvol wees en ’n kosbare herinnering word.

Dankie ook vir al die kommentaar, terugvoering, e-posse, facebook-inskrywings, tweets en ander kommunikasie wat ons in 2014 ontvang het, selfs al het ons nie altyd tyd gehad om op elkeen te reageer nie. Ons is oorweldig deur jul ondersteuning! Ons beloof om in 2015 selfs harder te werk vir diegene wat ons as een van hul hoof-hengelhulpbronne gebruik.

Hou daardie lyne styf!

Redakteur, George Thiart

Festive Season

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Posted: Friday, 12th December 2014


The festivities have probably already begun for a lot of anglers and their families. A few lucky souls are probably already fishing as we speak while several more anglers are feverishly pencilling in fishing trips to come.

Our Christmas wish is that all of you will enjoy the outdoors and the time spent fishing for what it is. Unfortunately, these days so much of fishing has become about bigger, more, faster, money and other secondary objectives.

It is the pursuit that will define you as an angler and a person, not the catch. It is finding, not catching, that makes you a better angler. Our Christmas wish therefore is that you find that spark in your own fishing for the pursuit of knowledge and improving on a craft we all love.

To all our friends, family, fans, partners, peers, and anglers out there whom we have not yet got acquainted with – all of us at Stywe Lyne / Tight Lines wish you and your families a blessed and joyful Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and love-filled New Year. May every fishing trip be fun, rewarding and one for the memory bank.

Thank you also for every comment, feedback, email, facebook post, tweet and other communication received in 2014, even if we did not always have the time to respond to each one. We are blown away by your support! We promise to work even harder in 2015 for those of you who look to us as one of your primary angling resources.

Keep those lines tight!

Editor, George Thiart

Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance claim court victory

Posted: Wednesday, 10th December 2014

Steel Valley communities’ victory against ArcelorMittal SA (AMSA) in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) is a victory for pollution-affected communities across the country, Centre for Environmental Rights CEO Melissa Fourie writes on the Groundup site.

In the 1990s, Iscor commissioned a large environmental impact study that would become known as the Environmental Master Plan – a strategy document that contains the results of numerous specialist environmental tests for pollution levels at Vanderbijlpark, as well as its plans to address this pollution and rehabilitate its sites over a 20-year period, explains Fourie.

“But despite undertakings by Iscor to share the Master Plan with local communities, in 2003 they were only given a summary report of the Master Plan. This summary failed to answer their questions, and left the communities frustrated and angry. It also identified that various significant unacceptable environmental risks existed at the site,” she says.

“In a hard-hitting judgement handed down on 26 November 2014, the SCA ordered AMSA to release the Master Plan and other records to the Vaal Environmental Justice Association (VEJA), and to pay VEJA’s legal costs,” notes Fourie.

“This means that AMSA must make the documents available to VEJA by 17 December 2014,” she explains. “The SCA emphasised the importance of corporate transparency in relation to environmental issues, stating that ‘Corporations operating within our borders… must be left in no doubt that, in relation to the environment in circumstances such as those under discussion, there is no room for secrecy and that constitutional values will be enforced’,” she notes.

“On 17 December 2014, VEJA and the Steel Valley community will finally be given the information they have sought for more than a decade. They plan to get experts to assist them to interrogate the contents, and advise them on the way forward,” she states.


Posted: Wednesday, 10th December 2014

Red steenbras is back on the recreational fishing menu after the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) ruled in favour of an application by the Border Deep Sea Angling Association (BDSAA) to lift a government ban. The decision to allow recreational fishers to catch one red steenbras per person has been praised as groundbreaking by experts.

According to BDSAA environmental officer John Rance, who was the second respondent in the High Court application, the matter was much bigger than just the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) ban on recreational fishing for red steenbras. “It was more about the shoddy, arrogant, high-handed manner in which DAFF officials and their scientist advisers treated recreational fishermen over this issue,” said Rance. He added it was not just about access to resources for recreational fishing, but also the right to meaningful consultation and participation in management of resources and recognition of sport fishing’s contribution to the economy.

DAFF communications director Lionel Adendorf said they had received the judgment and were studying it. He said an announcement “on the road ahead” would be made within two weeks. According to fisheries expert, Shaheen Moolla, the ruling was long overdue and had “huge ramifications” for other species. “The judgment provides a crucial precedent and standard for the determination of what constitutes rational and therefore lawful decision-making when determining catch limits and has dire implications for the way DAFF has been summarily and heavy-handedly deciding catch allowances in fisheries such as lobster and abalone.”


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Posted: Tuesday, 2nd December 2014

Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria, 21-22 March 2015

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